Using Windows Mistake Reporting

Windows Error Reporting is known as a software for working crashes on your computer. Costly advanced technology that may be included in later versions of Windows. This software works in the background, so you need not be logged into the desktop to submit information. It can also be accustomed to send announcements to other users and system administrators at the time you encounter a problem. The technology is available through the Help menu in Glass windows. Despite thier name, it’s not at all times clear what this function does.

You can change the configurations on the Microsoft windows Error Reporting key by right-clicking the region and choosing Change survey adjustments for all users. Once you have modified the value, close the Action Center eye-port. Next, it is advisable to find the true secret that says “Report problems”. You can change this value to at least one, or you can check the brief review indicating that the service is disabled. Later on, click Alter report configurations for all users.

To deactivate this feature, click the option next to it. To do this, hold down the Windows critical and the 3rd there‚Äôs r key concurrently. Double-click the Windows Error Reporting Company. To enable this, click the r / c button next to the “Reporting Services” service. This will likely prevent Glass windows from instantly notifying Microsoft company when there is also a problem. Ensure that you make sure to opt for the type of problem you need House windows to record.