How to create an empty array in PHP? explain with example

When an empty array and then start entering elements in it later. With the help of this, it can prevent different errors due to a faulty array. It helps to have the information of using bugged, rather than having the array. It saves time during debugging. Most of the time it may not have anything to add to the array at the point of creation.

Syntax to create an empty array:

$emptyArray = []; 
$emptyArray = array();
$emptyArray = (array) null;

While push an element to the array it can use $emptyArray[ ] = “first”. At this time, $emptyArray contains “first”, with this command and sending “first” to the array which is declared empty at starting.

In other words, the initialization of the new array is faster, use syntax var first = [ ] rather than using syntax var first = new Array(). The fact is being a constructor function the function Array() and the, [ ] is a part of the literal grammar of array. Both are complete and executed in completely different ways. Both are optimized and not bothered by the overhead of any of the calling functions.


    $emptyArray = (array) null;


array(0) {

PHP supports [ ] as an alternative, according to the respective compiler it was synonymous and most PHP developers use $array = [ ] because it makes it easier to go back and forth between JS and PHP.


    $firstempty = [];
    echo "Created First empty array <br>";

    $second = array( );
    echo "Created second empty array <br>";  

    $first = array( 1, 2);
    foreach( $first as $value ) {
      echo "Value is $value <br>";

     $first[0] = "one";
     $first[1] = "two";
     foreach( $first as $value ) {
       echo "Value is $value <br>";


Created First empty array 
Created second empty array
Value is 1 
Value is 2 
Value is one 

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