List of Top POC for AiOps where AiOps has benefited most

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Here are some examples of successful proof of concepts (POCs) for AIOps that have demonstrated significant benefits:

  1. Incident Management: AIOps helped a financial services company automate incident detection and resolution, reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) by 50%.
  2. Capacity Planning: AIOps enabled an e-commerce company to optimize capacity and reduce costs by 30%.
  3. Change Management: AIOps helped a healthcare provider identify potential issues before changes were made, reducing the risk of service disruptions by 60%.
  4. Performance Monitoring: AIOps helped a manufacturing company monitor application and infrastructure performance, reducing downtime by 40%.
  5. Security Management: AIOps helped a technology company detect and respond to security threats, reducing the impact of cyber attacks by 70%.
  6. IT Service Management: AIOps helped a telecommunications company automate IT service management processes, reducing manual effort by 80%.
  7. Root Cause Analysis: AIOps helped a logistics company analyze data from multiple sources to identify the root cause of issues, reducing downtime by 50%.
  8. Network Management: AIOps helped a transportation company optimize network performance and availability, improving user experience by 30%.
  9. Cloud Management: AIOps helped a media company manage the complexity of multi-cloud environments, reducing costs by 20%.
  10. DevOps: AIOps helped a software development company integrate with DevOps processes, enabling continuous integration and delivery and improving software quality by 50%.
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